About us

Fremo is the North America Brand Name of the Scud Battery Company in China. The Scud BatteryCompany is a very well recognized name in the Asia Cell Phone Battery Market and is a Top Three Battery Manufacturer in China. Fremo is the recognized expert in world class design, manufacturing, testing, and packaging of these cell phone products. Fremo can design, build, and package any cell phone accessory product specifically to the customers requirements. Scud Corporation, our Parent Company, is a Public Company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Our value to your business is:
  • Top Three Battery Manufacturer in China
  • 32 separate manufacturing lines
  • Over 15 Million Batteries built per month
  • 100 Different Types of Batteries per month
  • 2 Million Power Banks built per month
  • 10% of Batteries for special projects (Non Cell Phone)
  • 10,000 Power Station Batteries built per month

We specialize in customizing the packaging and labeling of any battery or accessories you need! We are certified in the highest level ISO and TL9000 Certifications to provide the best quality control. Our 7,000 employees are able to manage the high growth requirements to meet our global customers needs. What makes Fremo different from the rest of our competitors? We own and manage the entire supply chain of these products including R&D, Manufacturing, Testing, and Packaging. We have strong relationships with the leading cell manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Sanyo. With our high capacity manufacturing facilities, we can handle most customers requests. Our Design Engineers can architect sophisticated PCB Boards or innovative packaging for launching a new product line. Our global customers include OEM's, Operators, and Distributors. We are aggressive to provide competitive pricing to earn your business. Our goal is to become a Trusted Partner for the long term. Please contact us today to find out how Fremo can help your company reach it's goal to provide superior products to your customers.

Production line show

The company has 8 production plants and 32 standardized production lines. , and more than 6000 operational employees.

The Fremo ERP System provides for a seemless operation of raw material purchasing, testing, product development, process and manufacturing. Fremo’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) greatly enhances the control of the manufacturing site and improves production efficiency and product quality. CANS certified laboratory provides multi-aspect and comprehensive quality testing and valuation for products.