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Fremo Magic Stick 2800mAh 3 in 1 Portable Power Bank-Silver

Fremo Magic Stick 2800mAh 3 in 1 Ultra-compact External Battery with TFT Card Reader & LED Flashlight-Silver

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  • Color:
  • Product Specification:

    • Model I-122
    • Capacity 2800mAh
    • Input 5.0V/0.6A
    • Output 5.0V/1.0A
    • Weight 2.88 ounces
    • Size 3.54 x 0.94 x 1.05 in
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Product Description

The magic stick can automatically charge your device once you connect them properly, and it will automatically turn off when charging is completed.
The magic stick can automatically charge your device once you connect them properly, and it will automatically turn off when charging is completed.

Universal Compatibility

The built-in Micro USB port widely supports most 5V input Micro USB-Charged devices, such as tablets, laptop, smart phones and digital cameras. It can also charge iPhone once you connect it to Micro 5 PIN adapter.

Carrying Convenience

The Magic Stick is stylish and light-weighted, which is convenient to carry and store for emergency charging. With the Mini Magic Stick, you can easily get sufficient instant power for smart phones and tablets anywhere anytime.

3 in 1 Compact Design

Put a TFT card in to the card port, the Magic Stick is immediately turned into a flash drive reader.
Moreover, the magic stick can work as a flashlight when you press the power button.

Customer Reviews

  • Great!
  • This battery charger is awesome! it's small and easy to carry. it can charge my phone/ipad very fast. I love it.
  • 2014-06-10

Mark Absher
  • power, and light, and a reader! Oh my!
  • I was sent a SCUD 2800mAh 3 in 1 Power Stick for review and was really impressed. I love how I now have one device to do multiple things versus having to carry 3 devices prior to this cool gadget. I was happy enough just to have a small device to charge up my phone, the fact i get a card reader and flashlight included was a super bonus! Not to mention it's super compact! #loveit
  • 2014-10-27

Stanley J. Wynman
  • Three-In-One Device
  • Three in one device. Micro-SD Card reader, Cell phone back up battery charger, and flashlight all in one. Great Stocking stuffer, nicely packaged.
  • 2014-10-23

Josh Lee
  • Fantastic! Durable, fast charging.
  • This lipstick sized device has saved me more then a few times just in the past month of having it. But at only 3.5 inches long it will just about fully charge my Galaxy s4. On top of that it can easily be used with my wifes iPhone as it comes with a Micro-USB to USB adapter that can service any device with a standard USB cable. The device is designed well. I've had it in my back pack which gets tossed around often and it seems to have a rugged design. Nothing like using thin flat battery that could get punctured easily by something in the bag. It states that it puts out 1 amp, and from testing this is true. I get about 1% every other minute on my Galaxy S4.


    MicroSD card slot
    Micro-USB charging cord
    USB Adapter
    12 Month Warranty

    Device gets very hot while charging
    Doesn't fit well in pocket
    This device has been well worth getting. The MicroSD card slot has turned this not only in to a back up battery, but also a thumb drive. I dont like having to hook up my phone to someones computer and potentially risk my phones information. So this card reader allows me to easily get content from friends and family. I would say this makes for a great gift for a friend and even one you would get for yourself.
  • 2014-10-20

Mr Pendent "Cody"
  • Excellent device.
  • Works great. With an Android phone, the built-in cable is all you need. If there's any drawback, it's that there is no meter to give you some idea how much charge it still has. Also of note--the flashlight comes out of the side, not the end (it's the clear panel near the top on the side with the cable).
  • 2014-10-18

Angela Streiff
  • Have this in the pink color and it fits into even in my smallest handbags,
  • It does a lot for such a little thing. I use it for charging my phone, because I like the small lipstick size and shape of the pack and it fits well into even my smallest of purses. But it also can be used for putting a little SD card inside of it and then plugging the built in USB port into your computer and downloading (or adding) all your data to and from it. And like most battery packs, they've even included a little LED flashlight built into it. It's small, inexpensive and does a lot!

    Sample provided for review
  • 2014-10-04

Margaret A. Foster
  • Small and convenient - It does the Job,
  • I received this unit for free in exchange for a review.

    The item I received came in a small plastic box, and contained the unit in pink along with a separate cable and the instructions. The instructions are clear and emphasize you need to turn the unit on before you attach it to a unit that needs to be recharged.

    And that is the whole idea with this unit - it is meant to recharge your electronic device should you be somewhere that does not have a handy-dandy recharging station. I tested this on my HTC phone and on my iPod. And I recharged the unit on my laptop.

    I took this device on a trip with me. The device is 4 inches long, about an inch in diameter and is right sized for my purse. It is small enough to chuck into my bag and not be another cumbersome tech item that needs to be squeezed into my computer bag along with all my cables, drives, etc etc etc. And having it in your purse means it is convenient to your phone and any other small electronic devices you may have in your purse.
    My copilot used the phone GPS to find the location we were going to. It did drain the battery but this little device connected quickly and charged it during a rest stop for food and fuel. The item is simple to use. Turn on the device by pressing the power button. The "charge" light will come on, and so will the built in flashlight. The cord is conveniently stored on the device, and it is a micro cable, so it charges my phone and my headset. It is easy to get at, and remains attached to the device, so it will not get lost. Once your phone is connected the flashlight goes out and the device starts charging. When it is complete, the light turns green, time to disconnect.

    My iPod was a bit more complex, but the included cable attachment made short work of that. The small cable attaches to the micro cable and provides you with a standard USP plug in. I was able to use the standard iPod cord to attach to the device and the iPod was fully charged in a matter of minutes. Very fast, and very convenient. The cord provided is small enough to fit into the zipper pouch on my bad so it wouldn't get lost.
    I have an HP laptop, and the only dislike I had was trying to charge the Magic Stick. My computer is rather thin and has a slight lip to it where my USB connector is. So, the adapter did not connect all the way into the USB port because of its thickness. And it plugged in upside down, so I could not see the device recharging. The weight of the device was enough that the back end weight pulled down at the point of connection, which was not secure to begin with. Recharging it on my laptop was a bit tricky, and it was a bit easier to park it on my desktop computer and recharge it. So I took a star off for that. I would like to try to recharge it in my car - I have an adapter that plugs into my car lighter, but I didn't think to take it on my trip, and being as how it would hold the charger in an upright position, I wonder if it would get in the way, as my car charger is near my shift stick, or if it would be too heavy. Next time out I will check. But because it was almost impossible to charge it on my laptop without some kind of additional adapter that did not come with the device, it made recharging this on the road a bit inconvenient.

    One more perk - the device can take a TFT flash memory card and turn into a flash drive. The card is NOT included in the package but the port for the card is on the device.

    Overall, the device is a great addition to my tech supplies, as it serves a very important purpose - to recharge those everyday devices that will run down on you if you use them a lot. I didn't have a recharger in my stash of tech supplies. They were always too big and bulky. This one is right sized! I would like to suggest a male to male adapter, short like the male to female adapter that is provided, to overcome the laptop plug in issue I had. Other than that, it is a good tool to have.

    By the way, this would make a great gift for that tech person you know.
  • 2014-09-30

David Parent
  • Good Emergency Battery
  • This is my video review-The powerbank does not have a few identifying marks on it this charger is I would say this is more meant for emergency power only not a EVERYDAY charger but still it's great if you have downloaded a bunch of movies on your device and need a bit of extra juice on your phone to watch on the plane or if you need some extra power if you stuck in a snowstorm without a higher mah powerbank I was also disappointed that the SD card slot didn't work with my phone which kinda defeats the purpose of this powerbank still this product has a lot of use as a emergency power bank in my opinion
  • 2014-09-26

Tony "SergeantPope"
  • Tons of value with some minor flaws
  • This product really isn't quite perfect, but it offers quite a few options for a very good price, so it gets my 5 stars.

    General rundown:
    The 3in1 design that includes a power bank, flashlight, and microSD card reader is pretty neat. From a full charge, I noticed about 1 charge with my phone. The microSD card reader works just like a flash drive once you add your own SD card (plus, it'll charge while you have it connected to your PC). The flashlight is "ok." It's nice to have, but it won't light up too much.

    -Built-in microUSB charging cord maximizes portability
    -Compact and portable
    -Useful adapter included

    -Flashlight makes noise (why?)
    -Built-in cord can be tough to pop out
    -USB 2.0 speeds for microSD slot
    -Gets hot while charging

    That list of cons might sound long, but the issues were pretty minor, which is why I still recommend this product. With a price under $20, this product is very competitive compared to other power banks.

    I was sent this product free in exchange for reviews on Amazon and YouTube. Under no situation do I ever hide any flaws I find in a product, regardless of what the manufacturer asks me to do.
  • 2014-09-24

Click 4 Geek
  • Solid Build, Great Price,
  • Absolutely great power bank. SD Card input is a big plus! I like the way the small micro-USB cable is attached to the usb, and it also comes with an adapter use if you want to charge anything else (iPhone). Come's in many different colors and I think it's a great value for the price.
  • 2014-09-22

  • SCUD Mini Magic Stick Power Bank Backup Battery - 1.0A Output - 2800mAh capacity - Pink - Cute design,
  • This SCUD 2800mAh Power Bank Backup Battery has a unique design; Its removable cap reveals the USB connector which you plug directly into a USB charging port to get it charged (no cord used); The unit has a permanently attached micro-USB pigtail so you (Android users) do not need to search around for the cable anymore; It has a built in flashlight that provides enough light to get you safely to the door; The pack has a TFT card reader port that let's you use this as a flash drive, should the need arise.

    Seems almost like a good little super sleuth tool...

    If you would like to see pictures I took of this battery, we took pictures and uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure. It is sometimes hard to tell where Amazon might be hiding customer pictures these days... hopefully you have been able to find it if you so desire. Interesting design.

    At 3.5 inches long by 1 inch wide and about 1 inch thick, this backup battery is an easy carry in your purse or back-pack but it might be a tad big to carry in your pocket. Its output is rated at 1A, and performance was interesting -- about 1/2% per minute for our Android phone, but almost 1% per minute for our iPhone 5c. The detail of our testing is summarized below:

    Upon receiving the battery, we plugged the unit into our Samsung S3's wall adapter and a red light came on... that light turned green after about 1.5 hours, signifying charging was complete. The User Manual actually fairly well written and easy to follow, and the first thing we noted is the direction to turn this power bank on before connecting a device to it, and so we did (for the fun of it we tried connecting before turning the unit on, and it would not charge!) When you turn the battery on, both the flashlight and the green power light come on; once we connected a device, the flashlight went off but the power light stayed on.

    We tested this battery using an HTC Droid DNA and an iPhone 5c, and operation was easy though different for the two devices.

    For the Droid, we just plugged the power bank's micro-USB pigtail into the Droid's port and let the charging begin. As mentioned, the charge rate with the Droid DNA was about .50% per minute, which equates to about 30% per hour, a typical rate for the wall chargers that we often use.

    For the iPhone, since the pigtail is fitted with a micro-USB end we had to plug a small adapter cable (included) onto the pigtail to convert it into a full-size USB port. Once done we just plugged the iPhone's lightning cable into that USB, and the charging began instantly. As a matter of fact we were very surprised to find that the iPhone charge rate was twice that of the Droid's, at 1% per minute or 60% per hour. The capacity of the phone batteries are similar for those two units, so the enhanced iPhone charge time is intriguing. The process to hook the iPhone up to this battery is a bit more complex, but it worked well.

    We had no issues at all with connectivity; once connected and charging a device, a light comes on to let you know that charging is proceeding. At 2800mAh, this battery is good for a quick boost but not for multiple charging use without recharging. It is just right to help out in emergencies, if not overly long in duration.

    The Scud Mini Magic Stick is delivered with a warranty card that notes it is covered by a 12 month unconditional return guarantee, so if an issue arises before that period expires I will return here to update the review and let you know what the issue was and how resolution was handled. I did receive this unit gratis from the manufacturer and have put it through the paces to objectively find out how well it performed. My statements here reflect that testing.

    Affordable, portable, very interesting multi-functional design and it did the job as described by the manufacturer. If you are looking for a battery pack of this size, style, price and capacity, for use as I have described above, then give this one from Scud USA a try.

    Go for it.
  • 2014-09-21

  • Wonderful for Galaxy owners - not recommended for IOS owners,
  • Looks good and stylish. The cool thing about this lipstick-size charger (aside from a TF card reader) is the built-in microUSB cable. If you have a phone that uses microUSB then you are all set. You don't need to bring any extra cable with you.

    You can turn the LED flashlight with a single press of the power button. It is just a little odd that the LED flashlight is located in the middle of the battery instead of at the end. The light output can be better but it is still useful when you find yourself in the dark.

    If you use this to charge a device, you also need to press the button once. The flashlight will flash for a second and then turn off and then proceed to charge your device.

    To charge the battery, slide the cap (where the lanyard is attached) and a regular USB plug will be exposed. Just plug it to any USB port to replenish. It is also where you will find a TF card slot. If you put a TF card, this charger will turn into a card reader.

    It doesn't have a regular USB port to charge my iPhone. Instead, it has an extension USB cable where you can plug in your IOS USB cable.

    - 2,800 mAh (Samsung 18650 cell)
    - 2.82 oz

    Sample item was provided for this review.
  • 2014-09-19

Natosha Miller
  • This is the Multi-tool everyone should own!
  • The SCUD 2800mAh is perfect for charging up your smart phone on the go and game systems. However, unlike most battery chargers this is also a LED flashlight and TFT Card Reader.
    You can really do so much with this product, save work on the card reader and use it during the night to see where your going or if in case of any emergency and you have no power, this will come in handy keeping your phone charged and a flashlight to see what's going on when there is no light.

    I really love the size and how powerful the light and product is for a small gizmo. It's color is of a dark gray and not very complicated to use. Everything it comes with is all you need to use it. Just support your own wires for Apple products and any different USB wires, than your ready to charge your devices.

    I have been using it with my Samsung Galaxy 3 and another phone I use most often. So far I had found no problems with it, plus once in awhile I use it with my Apple Ipod Touch. It really does a great job charging and is a wonderful card reader, which I really love to use a lot!

    Terrific product and I would recommend this to everyone who has a phone!
  • 2014-09-18

Amazon Customer
  • Doesn't quite live up to expectations
  • For the price I paid, it does well enough. It can't fully charge my MotoX from 35% charge to full charge even when I put it in airplane mode and keep the screen off. It gets to a point and then it will no longer provide a charge to the phone. However, there is still charge in the Scud to illuminate the flashlight... so the battery does not fully discharge. I'd rather have the battery completely deplete charging my phone rather than have anything left to even light the flashlight.
  • 2014-08-02

  • Highly recommended
  • Comes in handy when needed.
  • 2014-07-25

Dr. Oceanfront
  • Great 3 in 1... Love it...
  • I love chargers and gadgets and was sent a SCUD 2800mAh 3 in 1 Power Stick. The unit is super clever. Not only is it a 2800mAh charger for your phone (or what not) but it has a flashlight, but more importantly it has a built in card reader! I can see where this can be very handy.

    The unit is compact, and weighs about 2.8 ounces. The unit has micro charging plug built in, and other cords, that are some rate.
    I really like this unit, especially is you are. It using Apple products. I found all my other products in the house charged well, but the Apples just were not as fast as I would have hoped. For that reason I took off half a star and rate this 4.5 stars.

    For my purposes, this charger is going to be really good because I need the card reader, and this is the dirt unit I found with one. Also, I carry a case with all types of wires with me, so I am prepared no matter what type of connector my unit has.

    This is a nice looking, compact charger, and if you use a card reader often, this could be the best unit I have seen for you!
  • 2014-05-10

Ali Julia
  • Works well for devices that take micro USB cord
  • SCUD 2800mAh combines many functions: an external battery, a micro SD card reader, and a flashlight. This battery is compact: 3"L x 1"W x 1"H. It weighs 2.8 oz.

    This battery has no USB port, only a built-in micro USB cable. If you wanted to charge an Apple device or a Samsung device the package includes a special extension cord that can be plugged into the built-in micro USB cord. I found this rather awkward. The performance of charging my iPad Mini using the extension cord was below average, and the special short cord is easy to misplace. For these reasons I would not recommend this charger for devices that do not use a micro USB port. Using the built-in cable SCUD charged my Android phone with above average speed and I like the convenience of the built-in cable.

    The flashlight on the charger is dim. In the video I show the brightness with the external battery fully charged and you can barely see it is turned on.

    The micro-SD card reader worked well. It was recognized by Linux and Windows operating systems.

    I tested SCUD battery with Samsung Nexus phone and iPad Mini. It performed very well with the Android phone, but below average with my iPad Mini.

    To help me compare different batteries to each other I use the same two tests on every port: a current monitor and a 10 minute charging test. This gives me specific numbers which allow me to do the comparison.

    ➨ Test Results:

    ✔ Samsung Nexus phone
    AC ~~~~ 6% change in charge in 10 minutes
    Current monitor: built-in cable, cannot measure

    ✔ iPad Mini
    AC ~~~~ 2% change in charge in 10 minutes
    Current monitor: 0.80A / 4.90V

    Given the performance and the awkward cabling I would not recommend this external power bank for Apple or Samsung or any non-micro USB devices. However, I thought it worked well for the Android phone and the micro USB reader could be useful when I am away from my desktop. I thought overall it was an Okay charger. If you have an Android phone and need use an external SD card often this charger is a good match.

    This external battery provided by SCUD USA.

    Ali Julia review
  • 2014-05-08

Stephen M. Charme
  • Nice unit but has a design issue
  • I received this at no cost in exchange for writing a review. Here are my comments.

    1. This is a compact unit that has a built in USB plug under the top cap so you can just plug this into a USB port , your computer, or an AC USB plug. That's an interesting feature because normally power banks have a micro USB port to be used for charging. So you don't need an extra cable to charge this.

    2. This also has a built in micro USB cable that is about 2 inches long that I can use to charge my Nexus Tablet in a crunch. I also like the flashlight.

    3. So what's the design issue? The built in micro USB cable connects into an included 7 inch cable that has a USB port at the end. Without that included cable, this unit has no USB port to be used for charging.

    The need to use a proprietary cable in order to create a USB port is a concern because if that cable is lost or misplaced, or I just forget to bring it, I can't charge my phone using this product.

    Bottom line: Aside from the design issue, I like this unit.

  • 2014-04-27

Customer FAQ

Q1.  Do You Offer Repair On Broken Devices?
We unfortunately do not offer any repair services, if your device is defective please contact us for a warranty replacement *NOTE: Items within the warranty coverage are to be eligible for replacement service. Please review our warranty terms and conditions to verify that item is covered.
Q2.  Can I Use My Electronic Device While It Is Charging Through The Battery?
Yes you can, however we generally do not recommend using the electronic device while it is charging from our battery. It is best to let device fully charge before use.
Q3.  What Happens If I Plug My Phone Into The 2.1A Port? Can I Charge Two Phones At Once?
Although you can plug your phone into the 2.1A output for a quicker charge, we do not recommend doing so, as you are essentially outputting twice the charge into your phone's battery. As a result, the phone battery may generate more heat, which may affect the battery's lifetime, do so with caution.
Q4.  What Is The Difference Between The 1A And 2.1A Output Charge Ports?
1. The 1A is for cell/smart phones and other small devices. 2. The 2.1A is for larger devices, such as the Apple iPad and other tablets.
Q5.  Some Lights Are Blinking And Others Are Solid, Is My Battery Fully Charged?
1. When the LED lights are blinking, the battery is still charging, when certain lights are solid, a certain percentage of charge is complete (refer to B). If all LED lights are solid, then the battery is fully charged. 2. The battery's current level of charge is determined by the number of solid lights on the unit. Three total LEDs: 3/100 = 33.33% per light; Four total LEDs: 4/100 = 25% per light
Q6.  Why Does My Battery Not Charge My Electronic Device, Is It Fully Charged?
Certain models of our batteries have a delay function. To bypass the delay function, you need to depress the power button down from 2 to 5 seconds (depends on the model's configuration). The delay function is to protect the user from wasting power on their battery when the power button is accidentally depressed. *NOTE: Check out our troubleshooting section for further diagnostic if answer above did not fix issue.
Q7.  Can I Store My Batteries For An Extended Period Of Time And Only Use It For Emergencies?
We do not recommend storing our batteries (or any batteries) over a long period of time without use. As the battery cells will deteriorate when they’re not in use. Furthermore, the batteries you store will constantly lose energy over time. If the stored batteries are completely discharged, certain negative detriments may occur, which include the failure in starting up. To maximize the lifespan of your external battery, we would advise you to fully discharge and recharge the battery at least once (recommended twice) a month and follow the maintenance recommendations.
Q8.  Can Your Batteries Be Carried On Plane?
According to TSA battery regulations, our products fall well within the restriction posted for Li ion battery carry-on, and are limited to two large size batteries. Further detail can be found on TSA website. *NOTE: Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns. The final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items on the plane. We do not guarantee or 100% confirm our batteries can be carried or used on a plane, other than confirming that our battery follows TSA guidelines. We accept no responsibility of denying of battery carry-on and other issues that may occur while at the airport.
Q9.  Can Your Battery Be Used Overseas In 220-240V Countries Like Vietnam, India, Africa, Europe, Etc…?
Yes, our battery can be used overseas with no issues. Our batteries are charged from two sources: a USB port and an AC wall charger. USB will not be affected, provided the correct Wall adapter is used. AC batteries are supplied with universal AC wall chargers 100-240V. (You do not need a voltage converter, just a travel adapter to convert US pin on AC adapter.)
Q10.  Where Can I Get Your Device Locally, Is It Available At Any Retail Store?
Unfortunately, our products are only currently available online through us directly or through our reputable authorized re-sellers.
Q11.  Do You Sell/Ship Internationally?
Our sales channel is only limited to USA, we do not have international sales channels at the moment. If you'd like to purchase our product and reside outside the USA, you can seek the help of an international forwarder. There are several located in New York; look them up on any search engine to determine the details. Order an item from our site and have it shipped to your forwarder of choice and they will forward it internationally to you. *NOTE: There are restrictions to our customer support/warranty coverage for international customers, please review our warranty section for further details.
Q12.  Does The Battery Stay On After The Device Has Fully Charged?
The battery has a built-in auto shut-off feature and will shut off if the device in charging has completely charged, or if battery is inactive for 10 seconds. This is to maximize battery life and provide you the maximum charge for your device when you need it the most.
Q13.  Can My Device Charge From The Battery While The Battery Itself Is Charging?
Our batteries do not support "pass-through" or "daisy chain" charging at this time. We do not recommend charging your device from our battery while the battery itself is being charged from a power source, as this will severely stress the battery cells due to constant charging and discharging and will have a negative impact on the battery and the overall lifespan of the battery. At this time, we would advise all users to charge the batteries first, before using it to charge other devices. *NOTE: This feature is being deactivated on all of the new batteries.
Q14.  Do These External Batteries Support The Latest Apple Devices?
Yes, all of our external batteries are actually compatible with the latest Apple devices such as iPhone 5 and iPad 4, as well as the prior iterations and iPod Touch devices (Certain classic models excluded). Our battery will charge your Apple device by using the original white Apple cable that came with the Apple devices. *NOTE: The Lightning cable and 30 pin Apple charge cable is a proprietary standard that only Apple manufacturers have the license to. Due to the licensing, we are not able to produce or distribute these cables at the moment.
Q15.  Is My Device Compatible With Your Device Even Though It's Not Listed In The Compatibility List?
The battery should be compatible with most 5V or USB chargeable smart phones, tablets and portable devices (GPS, portable cameras, etc.), since our battery is only able to provide a 5V output. You can double confirm your device compatibility by having a look at the AC wall charger for your phone or tablet. On it there should be a sticker with an output rating, if it has a 5V OUTPUT then your device is compatible with our battery. Some device will need the "galaxy tab converter cable" to properly charge. Examples of compatible devices: galaxy tab, nexus 7, PS vita, etc. Examples of incompatible devices: ASUS tablet transformer series requires 15V, and Laptops of all make requires 12V- 19V, etc

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